Advanced Anti Keylogger

Forget about spy software. Forever.

  • Unique Protection Algorithm
  • No Spyware Database Update
  • No Scanning Time
Advanced Anti Keylogger is a powerful, easy to use anti-spy program that prohibits operation of any keylogger, either currently in use or in development. Once installed, our anti-spy software will protect your privacy immediately and constantly.

Unlike other anti-spy software currently available worldwide, Advanced Anti Keylogger does not require spyware database updates. What is more, you will save a lot of time because no hard disk or memory scanning is necessary.

Advanced Anti Keylogger

Once installed, Advanced Anti Keylogger will protect your privacy immediately and constantly.

Times Online Advanced Anti Keylogger is highly recommended
by Times Online!

The unique protection algorithm of our anti-hacker program will block operation of any such keystroke monitoring for all spy software, both known and unknown. Unlike other anti-spy software, there is no spyware database to update and no scanning time necessary.

In 2004, there have been more than 100 high-profile incidents of malicious code discovered with built-in keyloggers. According to Websense Security Labs™, there are currently hundreds of free commercial keystroke logging applications available for download.
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